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More Salary Studies

I am a sophomore and thought it was time to start looking for an internship at a local company. I was pleasantly surprised at an article I found on TechCrunch while looking for this summer internship. This article says that last year, salaries of up to $70,000 were common for the best students. This year, Facebook is said to be offering $92,000, and Google has increased some offers to $95,000 to get their share of graduates. Students with a Masters degree in Computer Science are being offered as much as $130,000 for associate product manager jobs at Google. This is great for all of us that are in this profession. I do not understand why everyone thinks that all the jobs are going overseas. While there are many jobs that overseas, jobs in this profession a there for to be filled. It is more competitive and competition only makes you better or should make you better. The salary does vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. It just goes back to what my father always said to me "Find something you have passion for and make a career in that and you shall be successful". What do you think about the computer industry job outlook? I like to hear from the seasoned veterans out there.

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The Fitness Diva said...

You've given me something to definitely think about! I'm thinking of going into IT, because I love the web and building sites. Those starting salaries are pretty decent. Close to what I make now (the bottom end).

I got some investigating to do!

Good luck to ya! Good blog!